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​​​​​​Under the slogan of "Tourism is the forum of all industries," the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market launches its 11th round. Participate with decision-makers from governmental agencies, the private sector and those working in the national tourism industry in presenting and discussing the important issues and solutions. Keep updated with all developments in tourism industry and investment opportunities, and benefit from advice and experiences offered by experts and top businessmen representing tourism sectors globally.

Participate and communicate with prominent officials and businessmen in more than 15 conference sessions, and benefit from their advices, experiences and discussions about the most important issues and solutions related to tourism and travel industry in the Kingdom.
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​​  12:30 - 1:20 
International Standards in Hotels Operation
  • Best Practices to maximize profit: Owaner perspectives
  • Maximizing Revenues in Restaurants and Hotels Services
  • Operation Management Cost in Hotels Information Management in Hotels Hotels
  • Chains Trade Mark
  • International Expereinces in Hotels Management​
 1:30 - 2:20
Economic Impact of Hospitatlity Investment
  • Funding:
    local funding: services and channels
    Developments in Tourism Sector funding process
  • Impacts:
    Economic Impact of Hotels investment
    Trends and Expereinces in Stimulating Hotels Investment
    TheTargted Markets for Hotels investment​
 2:30 - 3:20
Managing & Operating Serviced Apartments
  • Results from Jeddah Serviced Apartment Workshop
  • Economic Impact &Investment Opportunitites in Serviced Apartment 
  • Trageted Markets and Segments for Serviced Apartment
  • Competition between Serviced Apartment and Hotels
  • International Expereinces in Operating Serviced Apartment​
 3:40 - 4:30
Future Trends in Hotels Industry
  • ​​Opportunities and Indicators with Future Forcasting in Hotels Investment
  • International Future Trends in Hotels Investments​
  • Privileges & Facilities to Attract Targted Markets
  • Developments in Hotels Services and its Future
  • International Hotels Chains and Trade Marks Expereinces 
 4:40 - 5:30
Best Practices to Save Cost in Hospitatlity Entities
  • Average daily Hotels consumption of electricity
  • Average daily Hotels consumption of Water
  • Mechanisms and Techniques for Developing and Supporting Energy Efficiency and Saving Costs in Hotels
  • Investment in Energy Saving Systems & Solutions. 
  • Recycling Grey Water in Hotels
  • Enviromnetal Standards for The Hotels Buildings

 5:30 - 6:20
Hotels and other sectors Integration
  • Best parcatices to Attract Hotels Chains
  • Operating and Training to Keep Sustainability
  • Relaxing Services in Hotels(GYM, SPA)
  • Technical Solutions to SaveTime & Cost
  • Safety & Security  needs for Hotels
  • Furnishing and Interior Design for Hotels
 12:30 - 1:20
Intelligent Technical Solution in Tourism​
  • Role of technology solutions in managing and meeting needs leading to a unique travel experiences.
  • Technology Solutions in Solving tourism sales and distribution challenges
  • Fututre Trends of Technology Solutions in the Saudi Tourism Sector
  • International Competition to Develop Tourism Services
 1:30 - 2:20
Tourism Experience: Diverse- International Practices
  • Successful experiences in  the tourism experience
  • Transportation: Requirements of suitable transportation channels to meet  international markets - Egypt experience
  • Tourism Guiding : Guiding Skills to reach Tourists satisfactions
  • Accommodation: Hotels Services & Products to Serve Visitors
  • Tourism attraction: Management & Sustainability of Tourism Attractions to Serve Tourists - experience
  • Handcrafts and the Tourists Gifts from The Visit​
 2:30 - 3:20
Tourism & Culutrual Event Indusrty
  • Tourism Events Diversity
  • Tourism Events to Satisfy Market Needs
  • Developing Events to Reach International Standards
  • International Experiences in developing tourism events
  • Culutral Heritage : Investment - Sustainability
 3:40 - 4:30
Tourism Patterns  & Services - Internationa Trend 
  • A general definition of tourism patterns and the directions for development.
  • The concept and components of the tourism patterns: Medical tourism, Heritage tourism, Ecotourism.
  • Recent developments, Ideas, and Latest techniques in each pattern.
  • Partners in Each Pattern.
  • The importance of providing a geographical map of tourism patterns in the regions.
  • Health and medical Tourism - Middle East.
  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism - Worldwide
 4:40 - 5:30
International Practices in Building Packages
  • Communicating International Markets
  • Building and Organizing Packages for Foriegner tourists
  • Channels & Tools to Target International Markets
  • International Expereinces to Attract Targted Makets
 12:30 - 1:20
Saudi Entrepreneurs Experiences
  • Boosting Youth to Be Involved in Tourism Industry
  • A Briefing about Each Initiative: Scholars’ Perspective​ 
  • Youth Abilities to Start SME's
  • Saudi Youth Abilities to Start Their Own Projects.
 1:30 - 2:20
International Experiences
  • ​​Vocational Tourism Training: Actual and Future Needs.
  • Training’s Role in Preparing Human Resources in Tourism and Hotel Sector.
  • Effective Partnership between Owners, Training Centers and Institutions.
  • Working in Tourism Sector, and Job Progression Potentiality
  • “Training Programs Ended With Recruitment” Experiences
  • Vocational Training Program: International Experiences
 2:30 - 3:20
Stimulating Tourism SMEs
  • Opportunities to Fund SME's
  • Enabling And Developing SME's
  • Launching Projects:Procedures and Regulations t
  • SME's Funding And Rehabilitation​
 3:40 - 4:30
Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector
  • Transforming Ideas to Projects
  • Entrepreneurship  to Develop Youth Skills​
 4:40 - 5:30
 Localization of professions in the tourism sector
  • Tourism Institutions:  Young Leaders Rehabilitation
  • The Experience of Tourism Enterprises in Localization of jobs
  • Localization of Jobs' Challenges in Tourism Sector
  • Job Opportunities Created by New Tourism Enterprises
  • Employees  Rehabilitation and Training  and Developing National Manpower
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